Feel powerfully sufficient and incredibly confident being you

I help Christian women go from feeling disconnected from God, themselves, and others to engaged, passionate, powerful living.

How can we change your life?

You know that voice in your head that tells you that you are not enough and never will be? It keeps you playing small.

It causes you to self-sabotage and see your goals just out of reach. It discourages and defeats you. It has stolen your life.

We are going to find its origin, let Christ remove it completely and replace its lies with His truth about you.

Then, we will rebuild your identity from the foundations up and empower you to be the woman He always designed you to be with an internal voice that encourages and supports you.

You will be healed.

You will be whole.

You will be free.

You will love being you.

THAT will transform your life!

You know you were made for more, but don't know how to get there. So you stay in a too small life wishing there was a way forward.

are you done with that?...

You’ve being working so hard on all the self-help learning and growing by yourself and your transformation is taking years instead of weeks.

Not only does the transformation you want NOT have to rest entirely on your shoulders...But the process, strategies, and implementation don’t have to either.

I've done it all for you.

Now, you have finally found the high-level help you need — and the transformation of your life will speak for itself.

Let me help you shorten the time from a "too small life" to one with no internal limitations to hold you back from living a truly big life in Christ!

Here's What I'm Offering You

  • Heal the deep wounds of your heart...

  • Love being you even if you don't know what that feel like now...

  • Improved self-confidence as you learn to live your best self...

  • Stop negative thoughts about yourself, actually love being you!...

  • Decrease anxiety - be in control of what you fear and feel...

  • An amazing relationship with God that you've always wanted...

  • Healthy boundaries, improved communication and conflict skills...

  • Discover your design and do what you love and were designed to do...

  • No more procrastination or self-sabotage that limits your life...

  • Unlock your potential and live out your uniqueness...

  • Improve your decision making - stop self-doubt and step fully into your life...

  • Set goals with a Kingdom perspective and with the joy of the Lord...

  • Remove your internal limitations - nothing will be holding you back...

  • Create the life you have only imagined and live it every day!



2 Connected Heart Project Options

CHP Intensive

CHP Self-led

Not sure which option fits your needs best? Let's walk through it together.




Women who are Absolutely Ready to Change Their Lives.

Want Individual Support

Ready to Claim Transformation

Want Healing, Coaching and Real Growth Now

Work Best One-To-One



This is for the woman who wants transformation and freedom NOW through direct one-to-one time with me. She wants a counselor, life coach and spiritual director so she can transform her life on every level.

Is this what you are looking for?

A one-to-one counseling, life coaching and spiritual formation journey that will transform your life, relationships and set you up for real success:

  • 3 months working directly with me - my focus is fully on your transformation and healing and I will make sure you receive it...

  • Meet for three hours every two weeks for intensive one to one counseling and coaching with me. This is totally tailored to your needs, it is not a one size fits all program...

  • Counseling that goes to the core wounds and heals them permanently while you also gain a deeper relationship with the Lord...

  • Life Coaching to reconnect your heart with yourself, God and others, remove your internal limitations and direct your life. You will have a new life and I will help you design it...

  • Spiritual Direction - let me put my Master of Divinity and decades of teaching intimacy with the Lord to work for you...

  • Private Membership Site with New, Weekly Transforming Content...

  • Daily email and text messages as needed. I am available to you daily to give support and encouragement, celebrate your wins, answer your questions and keep the transformation moving forward...

This is you and I working closely together for 12 weeks. Expect incredible change, to love being you and to own your powerful, God-given design AND know exactly how to live it out.

I will invest in only five women each quarter at this level.

Are you one?

CHP Home Study


Busy Women

Independent Woman


The Woman Who Wants Time and Space for Learning

Any Woman Ready for Powerful Transformation


CHP Home Study

This is for the woman who wants to grow at her own pace and in her own time. If you are self-motivated and a self-starter then going through The Connected Heart Project on your own might be exactly how the Lord wants to transform your life and set you free.


Life is busy. Fitting in a one-to-one program or group isn't always an option.

Log into your private membership site and interact with the course work on your schedule. You and the Lord can do mighty things together.

  • Private Membership Site with New, Weekly Transforming Content...

  • Work at your own pace - online all the time...

  • Implement your transformation incrementally and powerfully...

  • Be Set Free of the Past and Claim a Powerful, Purposeful Future

  • Be Set Free of the Past and Claim a Powerful, Purposeful Future

This is the same course work as in the group CHP so the same growth and transformation will be yours.

Haven't you waited long enough to have a life you love? You just need to get started.

Those that have graduated from The Connected Heart Project live with a powerful internal peace and joy that they only dreamed was possible.

"God answered my prayers and brought me Dr. Kim!"

Recently I prayed that God would send someone into my life who would help me. I felt stuck and knew I needed a guide to help me. I’d been reading books, following counselors on social media, and even met with a Christian counselor, but wasn’t getting the help I needed.

God brought Dr. Kim into my life and, WOW! Her approach is so different! She understands trauma, saw lies in my life that Satan convinced me to believe, and best of all, she helped me transform my thinking! I feel so free now.

I am so thankful God answered my prayers and brought me Dr. Kim!


"I am literally not the same person I was 3 months ago."

“I didn’t even see the areas where I was being held back! Dr. Kim helped me see the lies that I was believing about myself and how to change. I am literally not the same person I was 3 months ago.

I have no inhibition in my relationships and job anymore. It feels so freeing to show up as my authentic self! Loving life again!


"I feel valued and cared for in this group."

"Dr. Kim's calm, grounding presence in my life has been monumental - her voice echoes in my mind throughout the day, reminding me of who I am in Christ. I'm so grateful for her mentorship.

Who knew that the voices of our past can weigh us down today and keep us from growth in the future? I was surprised to discover lies that I'd believed about God & myself that were keeping me stuck.

I feel valued and cared for in this group. The Connected Heart Project is a safe place to share and learn together, and I'm so grateful I 'took the plunge' and signed up!"


Please Note:

If you wish to join the CHP VIP, CHP Intensive or CHP Group, it is ABSOLUTELY imperative you set an appointment and fill out an application as spots are very limited. The VIP option is for one woman per quarter. The Intensive has only five spots per quarter and we have three groups available each quarter.

Meet Dr. Kim

Leading a revolution of Christian women who have had enough of being told what they cannot be and do for Christ.

She specializes in rebuilding her client’s identity from the ground up into a powerful monument of what God can do with a woman sold out to Him.

Healing the past, equipping today and empowering women for tomorrow.

Nothing less than the freedom to be every bit of God’s design and live it out powerfully is acceptable.

What To Know

I DO NOT guarantee your transformation. That's not fair to ask of me, since I can only invest myself in the process and the rest is up to you. But, any client who has worked with me will tell you that I will give you 1000% of my energy, time, and expertise.

I will help you stay focused, moving forward, and on point and I will also help YOU get healed in your heart and unstuck in your mind.

I promise I will save you a lot of money that you might have spent on 'feel good' counselors and coaches that couldn't bring you the true healing and transformation that you will receive in the Connected Heart Project.

I will treat your healing and growth as if it's my own, and so that means - I will not work with just anyone.

I have a basic application form I require to help save you and I both the time, if we're not a good fit. Because let me tell you, when we are - miracles happen!

Thank you Dr. Kim for transforming my life

"I not only discovered the truth about myself but also experienced, freedom, peace, and encouragement for a future full of HOPE! It is incredible how that transformation happened so quickly with full resolve!

Who the Son sets free is truly FREE indeed!

Thank you Dr. Kim for transforming my life for the better and all those who I will come in contact with!!"


Dr. Kim West, Inc.

For Support Issues or Questions, Please Email us at info@drkimwest.org